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Kimberly Trapani brings encouragement to screen

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Kimberly Trapani is the founder of a company called All Consuming Film. The company has been on paper since 2014. The full-length feature script is a much more dated vision. All Consuming Film short brings a documented sorry to light. The partnership does date back to a business partner Chuck Ardezzone, who has worked with Kimberly in the company since the established startup. Kimberly chose to film and then go on with a higher education program. This is when all hit the fan and Kimberly persisted through an accelerated program to learn the current trade and become more self-reliant on the management of a company vision. The project did not go unnoticed.

There was no bat of an eyelash to bring the story into a movie venue. The film appears twice in Sunscreen Film Festival. The film demand anticipates a full venue. Therefore, All Consuming Company suggests that tickets are purchased online before arriving. All Consuming Film is looking forward to appearing on opening day with the stars. Shortly after is the anticipated graduation ceremony and the show encore. Kimberly will be proud to walk across a stage with a document in hand that states Full Sail University, Master of Science in the Entertainment Business program. To learn more about why the screen story is so important you may visit Sunscreen Film Festival. The direct link to purchase tickets for each show is online. There is also the ability to become a VIP. In real experiences, the workshops have been very informative and inspiring.

A special thank you to Tony Armer, Curtis Graham, Brian Connors, Cassandra Willard, Lorelie Rozzano, Rita Maloney, major players at Full Sail University in the school of business, the “All Consuming Film team”, family and friends. We want you to see All Consuming Film and enjoy the event. There has never been a time like this to encourage others. The endless players to make a film happen could be a list that goes on and on. Full Sail we love you and that is what friends are always for. Hug your families. A very select few have seen the final version. The story will be revealed soon enough. The audience will see a curtain roll-up for an experience you will note and applaud again and again. Bravo to all of my business colleagues that are much more worthy.

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