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How to Stop Caring in a Narcissistic world?!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Let’s start here. How many of you never made a mistake? My laundry list of “I should have done it this way instead” has far exceeded my years of being on this earth. I can tell you that there have been many times in my life when my experiences have been unfair. It is easier to blame others for our own insecurities. I am happy to tell you about my life so you can feel better about yours. Your life can improve with self-worth, self-reliance, and taking a deeper look at the bigger picture.

I have been pinned to a wall with others' unfair remarks often. I have been accused of being arrogant. I can tell you that there was nothing more humbling to my life when I had plans to finish a graduate-level degree, put a film to the screen, and had to attend my sister’s funeral four months into it. Even more humbling is having to endure surgery for abnormal growth cells; waking up three hours later to attend a singing audition, and going back to work the next day to pretend as if nothing happened with a smile on my face. I can tell you I declined pain pills. I can tell you that my employer was more loyal to me that day than I could have given to my job responsibilities (Thank you Lee and Lisa McCarthy). The point is when people are going through life they really don’t need to explain the details of why it is they don’t have a smile on their face.

Now back to you. Have you ever received an email that you really did not understand? Have you ever taken offense to a social media comment? Have you ever been really hurt by someone else’s comment? I have made statements to others that were intended out of good faith and received in bad faith. If social media is making you feel bad about yourself, the intention is successful. My choice to make movies was out of the intention to seek recovery resources for those struggling with addiction, abuse, and dysfunctional health. My social media blogs, my movies, and my advertising have been highly offensive to those that sell drugs and alcohol. My movies are actually offending owners of bars that distribute alcohol. Further, my films are actually offending people that want cannabis legalized. You can check your facts as my business partner directed a movie called the “Master Of Cannabis” and I totally adore my business partner. I did not realize I have so much power for others to blame me for their lives but I guess I am unintentionally owning others’ thoughts.

With twenty years of business experience working for the best Fortune 100 global companies, my master’s degree in business, my Psychology and Education degree, and my entertainment company qualify me to give some advice. First, look to yourself for your own opinions and positive reinforcement. Get yourself involved in your health and wellness. Start doing something you love and that you are passionate about. Stop going on social media to look for friendships. Never try to date online as this is a social risk. Start networking with others face-to-face. If you feel uncomfortable with something in your life walk away and never return. There is a difference between emotions and logic and practice implementation of both sides of your brain. Stop giving attention to destructive relationships as they will continue to suck the life out of you.

I hope you have a positive day. I hope you seek life and wellness. I hope you are inspired. However, I cannot control your perceptions, thoughts, or actions. I hope your life is everything you need and want. I am here for you. Best regards for your happiness.

P:S: I agree with Chuck Ardezzone on stop talking and take action! Show me don't tell me.

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