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Helping People Together Around the World

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Written by Kimberly Trapani

As Kimberly Trapani worked in film to assist the positive change of laws of recovery from illegal drugs and pain pills and invented the original method to bring to light the advocacy for adults against human violence, we are happy to announce the director Brian Connors (Senior Entourage) and Kimberly Trapani (No Excuses) and Alwaz Carey (Love Always musical global artist) have had a panel discussion about helping the world and upcoming projects like Trampoline the scripted full-length movie.

Brian Connors as quoted “when we get ten cents, we will start shooting the next movie (Connors, 2021). Former Governor Cuomo and Kimberly Trapani were working together behind the scenes with a legislative team to impact the signing of drug bills and get monies out of the general fund to put at least a dent in the soaring destructive drug epidemic death sentence. Attorney General James and Governor Cuomo took action. Governor Andrew Cuomo and I quote “New York is based upon what we accomplished together “(Cuomo, A. 2021) was the last letter that Trapani received on the Farewell day. Trapani concluded “our fight together is finally over, and this is sad because we are not sure if we saved one person's life from drugs and the ridiculous destructive alcohol intoxication. Did we do enough together in New York? Our jobs are over.” (Trapani, 2021). At least Cuomo, the legislators, and Trapani made efforts to invent a method to assist these issues during a national and worldwide emergency. One could argue but the proof is in the action taken. Former Governor Cuomo yes I joke too but I am still waiting for that selfie. Andrew Cuomo thanks for accepting all of my emails and phone calls and getting it done when we were persecuted together and love always Kimberly Trapani.

Kimberly Trapani misses Ed Asner deeply and you can hear more about Brian Connors and Kimberly Trapani’s thoughts with the lovely Elise Evans and Andre Ward by clicking here Ed Asner was extremely enriched on set with Emmys and Oscars, and we indirectly addressed the topic of sexual harassment together as Trapani’s script Trampoline, Trumpoline (a movie with distribution) and No Excuses (with distribution) and Ed’s appearance in Senior Entourage all bring light to this topic. You may purchase Senior Entourage online or in-store and listen to the full-length radio show on talk shoe for our thoughts. We think this is good to pair with legislative teams and take action together. We have been in good graces with our works and the action of the government shows proof of the collaborative efforts.

Trapani looks forward to working with her All-Consuming Filming sponsors, investor, employees, and a team of creative artists to make more movies. Trapani needs to see more bills and more enhanced action and justice with accountability in extinguishing abuse and violence direction. We can see improvement with more direct communication and avoid the gatekeeper solutions. Trapani has high hopes that bills and resources can be received in the future. Don’t give up yet as we are in direct communication for positive collaborative change. We are praying for you (Trapani, 2021). Be safe and God Bless. For more information go to and leave your professional courtesy thoughts in a private message. You can watch, listen, and hear. We are changing the world with our creative art, and I tell people on the streets to live their dreams and keep getting their education.

This was the picture I took with the day at the capitol building in Albany, New York, where I spoke personally with the press and Senators. John McDonald and his staff have always been with me and I thank you. In this photo are two rainbows in the sky from God, not just one.

There is nothing to regret as we and a big team of we did what we had to do to stay ethical and uphold our beliefs, promises, and morals. I continue to be proud of our past administration and have confidence in this team of legislative professionals that worked with me to see that civilians are taken care of.

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