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Painted by Kimberly Trapani



  • Childhood campaign: Raised money for Cystic Fibrosis, American Heart Association, and several cancer foundations. As an adult team building events including the walk for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and the company All-Consuming Film encourages hope of addiction treatments and support to families. 

  • Entrepreneur as a child and now All-Consuming Filming

  • Executives chose Kimberly to inspire college students to pick their financial careers and Kimberly appeared in a corporate commercial for a global organization.

  • Raised matching funds for children with special needs including the Autism spectrum and took part in a university study which was for the purpose of treatment and behavior management. 

  • Rookie of the year award for a Fortune 100 financial company.

  • Full Sail University graduate-level Master of Science

  • Sunscreen Film Festival 2017

  • Humanitarian Film Festival 2018

  • Advanced Entertainment Law Course Award





Kimberly Trapani, Executive Producer and Director of All Consuming Filming, has authored and produced a full-length feature film script. Kimberly has years of business experience including marketing, building and maintaining relationships, identifying talent, and working in creative team building projects. Kimberly has been performing on and off camera and the stage since she was a child.


Additionally, Kimberly is a proud Master of Science higher degree graduate from Full Sail University located in Winter Park, Florida. Kimberly holds her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Education. Kimberly has discovered her strengths which include her creative art (can be a healing and soothing release), authoritative personality, and big picture thinking. Kimberly is a true creative professional with the highest morals and values professionally. Her unique approach to management has achieved a film depicted to screen. 





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  • To see my feature film script, All Consuming Film, depicted to screen in full - length format. This means millions of investor dollars and major distribution contract. The first round of the production All Consuming Film is in the form of a documentary has completed production and screened in Florida April 2017, 2018 and again for the future. The production has achieved national attention by government officials and Kimberly wants to see lives saved from the education and knowledge of the story content.

  • Obtain an executive level position in a midsize to large size organization.













Executive Leadership Reading List

  Mastery is written by Robert Greene

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  Developing the Leader Within You written by John Maxwell   

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Additional Master of Science Program Reading List


48 Laws of Power written by Robert Greene
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101 Project Management Problems written by Tom Kendrick
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The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier

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Entrepreneurial Finance written by Philip J Adelman and Alan M Marks

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Marketing Guide to Marketing Digital World written by Rob Stokes

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The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition written by Eric C. Marcus; Morton

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Product Manager's Field Guide Written by Linda Gorchels. Retrieved


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The Cyber Citizen's Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Internet Law for Your Professional Online Presence    

written by Joy Butler. Retrieved from

The Permission Seeker's Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Clearing Copyrights, Trademarks and Other

Rights for Entertainment and Media Productions written by Joy Butler. Retrieved from


Successful Business Plan Secrets and StrategyEditionwritten by Rhonda Abrams. Retrieved    


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