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Chief Executive Officer Career Description

For some years, All Consuming Film has been in startup production company phases and has been a self-funded company. The film was initiated with the support of a business entertainment company, for a number of years, there have been experienced mentors in the production industry supporting the vision. In seeking a higher education in business entertainment, it has been learned that an executive leader has needed to fulfill specific action-oriented tasks as well as have the education or career experience of leadership skills.  In being well informed in a business program, the entertainment conclusion is there is more than meets the aspiring eye.


The full checklist of skills that need to fill a high level of priority could be a company manual. The following is the top list of priority of action capable qualities. In reviewing the job description for Sony Pictures which is on the same level of position and vision that ALL Consuming Film compares include the responsibilities: “Proven client facing skills, responding well to client input and feedback in a timely manner” (GlassDoor, 2017) in the listed requested qualities.


As discussed in Leadership Communications traits should include and quoted from Harrison, E. B. & Mühlberg, J. (2014),

An ability to build a strong corporate culture, Being a truthful person, Ability to discover and exploit underserved markets, Being able to identify “invisible” behavior (in other words, seeing potential winners or trends before competitors discover them), Ability to use price as a competitive advantage, Adept at managing organizational brand, Being a fast learner and Skillful at managing risk

Therefore, please see the job description traits for the president of a startup corporation:


Title: CEO

Industry: Entertainment


  • A president of a startup company and the executives, being higher level employees, need to have open and clear communication. The individual that fills the CEO role needs to implement and lead the communication policy. Communication moves a business forward and keeps the priority and directives going in a growth and upward direction. A team needs to understand expectations before a project can move forward. The leader needs to have knowledge of the delegated tasks and the ability to discuss expectations with the key executives, team, staff, and third party entities. A leader is only as good as a team that shows motivation. This is why communication needs to be positive but clear to the organization.


  • The leader needs to have full knowledge and the same education as a higher degree level entertainment business student before stepping into a role of this caliber so that the organization can maintain a factual reputation and ordered process. Company resources can be efficient with the business knowledge and achieve greater fiscal outcomes in a shorter period of time. The founder of All Consuming Film organization has polished and refined the company after being trained by Full Sail University. Therefore, the leader of a startup organization is to be expected to have the same level of education.


  • Ethics to the best possible ability will always bring an organization farther. A leader needs to uphold the best business practices for that organization. There are many companies that need to value ethical standards. A good leader will motivate and reward employees for following the same vision of ethics. All Consuming Film does and has valued ethical standards.


  • The leader needs to see the vision of the organization and strive to uphold that vision. The vision includes the direction of the company, policies, procedures, accolades, achievements, and mission statement.


  • The leader needs to be positive and create an environment that others want to be a part of and thrive in. The value of a motivated team is the output and conclusion of a driven and effective leader. The organization can thrive with smiling employees and a leader that strives for an even-keeled non-conflicted working environment. The CEO needs to ensure the conditioned atmosphere.

Kimberly Trapani work tasks

  • As the CEO of a company, Kimberly Trapani has coordinated several films to completion. In the completion of films, some of the comprehensive tasks include

  • Creation of a business plan which includes research and statistics based upon the screenplay

  • Author, register, copyright the screenplay, intellectual property research, writing and editing

  • Pitch (Market) the story and raise funds to complete the project

  • Digital and campaign marketing including but not limited to campaign mailings and press releases

  • Search Engine Optimization, keywords, google analytics, and video marketing

  • Videography, video editing, logo development, branding, animation

  • Policy and Procedural management and creation of manuals and Human Resources Duties

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Interview, hire, train, extend offers and offer negotiations

  • Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Accounting, and Analysis

  • Manage a cast and crew

  • Review video and written edits and oversee animation

  • Make business decisions regarding the workflow of projects

  • Direct cast and crew on projects

  • Business Contract review and negotiations

  • Distribute and sell products

  • Postproduction Marketing

  • Event appearances

  • Public speaking and presentations

  • Community initiatives and guest appearances

  • Annual Reporting

  • Oversee project pitches

  • Direct Communication with county legislative teams

  • Oversee permitting for projects

  • Booking travel and scheduling of events

  • Coordination with key people to ensure the project completion

  • Website development and content creation






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