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You can call for help SAMHSA can refer you 800-662-4357 or (SAMHSA, 2017)

I told your Government Sincerely, Kimberly

Portions of this reel have been completed by INTROUBLEZONE Productions & Studios along with the remainder of the film project work, completed by Kimberly Trapani, in the site locations of Florida and New York. All Consuming Film is a licensed copyrighted and registered entity. 


A special thank you to Lorelie Rozzano, Christina Custode, St. Petersburg Film Society, the communities that allowed on location filming, cast and crew, and every person that was involved in the production. A special thank you Full Sail University, Rita Maloney, and the InTroubleZone crew including Demitri, Logan, and Jeremy. Eric and Jessica, you are invaluable and did so much for us to educate the stigma and false beliefs of the out of control increasing destructive issue. This message has gained the attention of the individuals who can make the difference. Your contribution to this giving project earned many regards. Hug your families with much appreciation. 

All Consuming Film

All Consuming Film is registered with the Writers Guild of America and holds copyrights and permissions. The copyright on the script contains written information for the purpose of the production of a full-length feature film.