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All Consuming Film 2017

All Consuming Film is about the heartbreaking effects of drug addiction. There is pain, deceit, lies, destruction with drug addiction both legal and illegal. Family and friends will suffer through the rollercoaster ride of an addict. This nightmare can take its toll on loved ones who have false hope. I do hope represents full rehabilitation for addicts without judgment. We want you well. 

Chuck Ardezzone and INTROUBLE ZONE Productions partnered with ALL Consuming Film company to develop a production that has concluded into a depiction to screen. Chuck has appeared on screen in films, soap operas, and commercials. Over the years many have heard titles "Law & Order", "Third Watch". The list of credits this Southwest Florida filming icon has is infinite. Chuck Can be found on the company website or a film venue near you.   

All Consuming Film through her own life experiences and unwanted exposure to a family member's addiction. Kimberly is passionate about telling the story because credible resources including governmental statistics reveal that this is an issue that connects us all. Constructive plans and solutions need to be discussed and put into action. Kimberly's goals are to motivate others affected by both legal and illegal addictive substance to deal with their own pain. Kimberly has performed on stage and on camera. Kimberly was trained to communicate in front of an audience when walking in a bathing suit and heels in a pageant while proclaiming to the world that ability to pledge a good cause. Kimberly is a proud graduate level student while project managing a company. Kimberly has appeared in commercials and a film that was never viewed. If you have this film, Kimberly will watch with popcorn and quiet. The education and underlying cause of All Consuming FilmKimberly Trapani was inspired to write the script for is much more powerful then the camera work.

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