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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Katie is my sister. Katie lived the high life of a brilliant career at the top. In working with profile clients Katie, a proud graduate of Hofstra University and Marist College both located in New York State, held the highest level of education in being a Counselor of law. Katie unselfishly put other people first. A high executive woman loved butterflies, family, and the happiness of others. We can speak to the achievements and extroverted personality of this highly respected adult. This elite woman stood by faith and marriage with the teaching of living by honesty and integrity in the highest of moral standards as the Katie we knew.

Katie became a butterfly angel in August 2016 after living a life with Multiple Sclerosis, misdiagnosis, wrongly prescribed medications, mistreatment, wrongful termination, and ultimately a decided overdose of a mixed chemical deadly combination. This energetic outgoing full-of-life person went from the radiant light perspective to a misunderstood death circumstance with many trials and unfair judgments. The police report does not match the version of the story. We will never have satisfactory facts or answers. We only have struggled to strive for conclusive reasons why we should keep taking more breaths.

The creative artists from dreams come true (happy place) have given me another reason for some minutes to take a breath. The sign from Kate being a butterfly display in 2017 is at Epcot. The pavilion is open right now and full of multi-colored art that fulfills the senses, timely peace, and soothing tranquility in the form of flutters. One may perceive that Angel Kate was fluttering on a blooming red and purple flower. Katie had a gleaming presence and we believe she may have been in this butterfly form with an unpredictable flying pattern around us. In spotting a butterfly the tears welled up in my eyes which happens often these days. With so much appreciation this photo was captured by Cindy. I do hope you will encourage others and give kind words and smiles. Hug your families.

Gary Patenaude, Kimberly Trapani, Jodi Patenaude

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