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NOW OR NEVER with Paper Grotto Creator Lily Hatchett

March 12, 2023

Written by Kimberly Trapani

In developing the Now Or Never Show produced by All Consuming Filming, there are distinct artists that have a global presence. Since the show started with a different title, All Consuming Filming has interviewed guests from all calls to order to speak on world problems and provide artistic solutions. Kimberly Trapani the host of the show and executive producer of humanitarian films had the distinct pleasure to interview full-time artists, author, and live performer Lily Hatchett.

Hatchett has years of publications and touring performances with a graduate-level degree. Taking paper and putting it to use for the national entertainment of capturing her audience has implied that stories can come to life with the mind's creation through the use of fragile tools. Hatchett has been depicting stories for years and placing them into the lives of others. Hatchett had the rare opportunity to discuss her brilliance on air.

To tune into Hatchett’s depiction of scenes and artistic discussion you may watch on the platform Hatchett’s art is found on her website The future of Hatchett is being solidified with grants from Fort Myers and the artistic ability of her stories will be performed and interpreted by her audience for more intriguing years to come. Hatchett is a proven artist and has the ability to capture and entertain with her creativity, education, and years of extraordinary presentations and performances.

You may contact All Consuming Filming and the show on the book speaking engagement page of the website.

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