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"Award Winning April Dawn the country music sovereign of the Walter Finley Band has worldwide global attention and is scheduled for center stage"

Author: Kimberly Trapani

April Dawn is returning to the spotlight with more capturing and unforgettable moments as this gorgeous super super-talented professional has vocals that empowers national audiences. April is a part of the Walter Finley band and has been playing instruments since she was a child. April’s beauty and charm holds every note for her band as her classy persona is capturing 2024. April depicts her graceful strong gorgeous personality as a music role model that far exceeds her creative colleagues.

(Pictured: April Dawn and Kimberly Trapani)

April has appeared on the “Now or Never Show” and has been on relationship global show panels where the females won against the males for their intellect and strong advice. April Dawn’s spotlight does not stop there and has appearances both in radio and on stage. April Dawn holds her alluring vocals on stage and is entertaining and soothing in her musical performances. It is a pleasure to join her on worldwide platforms and in-person interviews.


(Pictured Walter Finley Band:

April Dawn, Thad Debrock, Pat Falco, Chris Marshak, Walter Finley)

April Dawn portrays and depicts a do not stay in your seat and keep on dancing performance that lightens one’s heart and soul. April will be the focal point of every show she appears in as her beauty and classy demeanor are intriguing. April will be performing in another do-not-miss performance at the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION AT SHELTER ROCK, 48 Shelter Rock Rd, Manhasset, NY, United States, New York on June 14, 2024, at 8pm Eastern time zone. Some of the band members will be returning to this performance including Pat Falco and Chris Marshak.

April Dawn is appearing again and again in the spotlight and has upcoming global radio interviews. The significance of April is she humbles and graces her audience with her kind spirit and unreachable talent. April Dawn’s audience does not walk away and her business entertainment colleagues are privileged to share moments and in-person events with April. April will take your breath away with her center-stage performances.


(Pictured: April Dawn and Walter Finley)


Booking April and the Walter Finley band boosts the soul, mind, and spirit. April is the highlight of everyone’s day and this award-winning soulful talent is worth everyone’s attention. For more information, you can visit the performance and for more information go to the Walter Finley band website or the contact page on The in-person experience will leave a joyful impression and a relief to your reality and an entertaining night out.


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