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Sunscreen Film Festival To Full Sail University Graduation a Five in ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

My graduation has been a super achievement. I am most proud of this because I received my education and learned during the most traumatic experience of my life. Losing a sibling is an event that I do not wish on any human being. There are just not enough words to have this amazing human being taken from my life. Pain, awfulness, guilt, resentment, and anger are not some of the words that I would have chosen to be accurate for this unwanted experience. I have never encountered such harsh words and behaviors in the seconds, minutes, hours, and months following the experience. I can focus on the fact that I never was able to have alone time with my sister or the very harsh words that were said to me as I was chased out of her very energetic life by unempathetic people. I could also focus on the wreath I spent hours creating for my sister's resting place was without thought discarded in the trash. What has even happened to humanism? Is there compassion in the country? Are we so fearful that we need to bring pain and harsh words to others? There are many reasons why my attention has to be on the individuals that have supported my life.

Full Sail University gave me my first supportive call and followed it with a written call. I had a team of childhood friends that came to see me and were there for kind words during the moments of life I most needed them. There were one or two former colleagues in a professional setting that sent cards. Life goes on with positive kind words from the people in our lives that we least expect. I am so excited to share the fact that my family, select friends, and business partners attended the opening and encore of All Consuming Film short. My friends and family took photos at Sunscreen Film Festival along with my camera work.

The world rebounds to a final finish line. My post-traumatic achievement. I attribute my new found skills to the team. My family support was in the audience at my graduation to watch this work become a real life delivery. I love my mom and dad as I continue to encourage them to grieve the loss of their child which is an unfair reality in their life. I encourage you to practice kindness in humans lives as you never know what a person bad day means. I practice what I preach. The person that hung up on me was sent flowers. I hope that person felt encouraged and special. I worked so hard often being on the defensive team to the anticipated final cross over of the finish line. There were so many times if I doubted when others were throwing the harsh words in my faces of turmoil, disbelief, and opposition. This achievement is due to the support of my entire

I am a proud graduate of Full Sail University. I have a Master of Science in Entertainment Business. I am less then 10 percent of the population and part of a highly regarded artistic school. I hope you encourage others during their time of education to believe in themselves and achieve a higher vision of their dream. We all have the possibility to reach a bit further and succeed. I am living proof if it is proof that you are looking for.

Photo Taken by Patricia and she will always be endorsed by me as a professional,

This achievement was supported by the people (and more) you see in this photo. This is a much higher cause than just my name on the screen. My company has given encouragement to families of addicts who are struggling. In business, the special people in my life are at the top of the industry standard. Actions go a long way and compassion go further. Hug your families as I hug mine.


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