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Recovery In Action 2018

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

In lobby efforts to encourage resources, the New York State Assembly and the representatives of Governor Cuomo gave City Councilman Steve Napier the true professional, and me, their time and attention today. As some of you know we have been working around the clock so that we could express Katie’s voice. Katie’s voice, a speech, created by me to tell you a story of the very real heartbreaking overdose deaths in this country. We did create a film. We did display a movie to an audience with the Academy included. We did seek the assistance of the best mentors in the industry and creative education to assist with the dedication to telling a very real story. There is a stronger message than just telling you about the heartbreaking effects of illegal drug addiction and the over-prescription of pills.

Our dedication has yielded advocacy for years now. We have partnered with industry professionals and we have utilized our time to spread a message. We told the NY Assembly and the State Government of New York that we need resources for children. We need brick-and-mortar establishments to promote creative direction and athletics for children. I personally told them in the legislative building today.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Senators and the NY Assembly to tell them Katie’s story. Now we will see what action they take to encourage wellness and shut down the chemical drug epidemic. They have heard All Consuming Film's story, my story, and Katie’s voice.

The message: there is hope. We hope we made a positive difference for your kids. A special thank you to Steve Napier, Senator Amedore, Assemblyman John McDonald, Steve Hanson, and Friends of Recovery.

Best Wishes,

Kimberly Trapani

Pictured below is the block of humans who are affected by drug dealers who deliver lethal substances to every race and tax bracket addict in this country. Your drug dealers are American Citizens in this for profits.

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