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As I have traveled many paths of life in my career, I have twenty years experience in Recruitment, Human Resources, Benefits Administration, Finance, Insurance, Travel Logistics, and the Entertainment Industries. I have walked the paths of many and formed a diverse set of relationships nationally and beyond globally. I started up my own company which is just starting to take off to an unimaginable level beyond what I ever mentally processed as reality. I have worked for a higher degree in both undergraduate level studies and a zero to sixty graduate level program. In the challenges of every industry, I have been told to blog often in social media to consequently experience a lockdown by Facebook.

In being a minority in this all too submissive country and political game, one could find a female entrepreneur intimidating. Therefore, I took too much time out of my day to oppose the need to disclose my company and personal identity, credit card information, social security number, photo of my driver’s license, and passport. As much as I totally adore other entrepreneurs in the world such as Mark Zuckerberg, I am finding it a little intrusive to share my family photos, occupation, and social security information with this amazing man. To conclude, I emailed this zealous business professional. I emailed him to express my opposition to such intrusive hacking information. One could image a female with a Master’s degree emailing a successful entrepreneur.

One could image why such a lockdown. I even question some inappropriate comments on my sibling page. I asked "Why would my deceased sister defriend me" (Trapani, 2018) I question why I have to see friends “bare it all” content on my friend’s pages. Other than a locked account page, I still have no reply from Zuckerberg nor his company.

My conclusion is I am so super busy in my day and this person must have a family life so he is too occupied with the same priorities I have in my challenge of work / life balance. Therefore, as I sit in social media limbo, I could not help but think it might be nice to send an invitation to Mr. Zuckerberg.

Along with the government politicians that I invited and some amazing creative artists, the invitation went out for attendance to my movie. I hope you all can go see this antidrug block in a movie house near you. For now, I am hoping for the best. Mr. Zuckerberg, we hope you can join us for a film showing about promoting recovery and life without drugs during our company Facebook lockdown.


Kimberly Trapani

All Consuming Films

“We Do Hope”

“Why Blame Victims”

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