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In a time that the opioid epidemic is “unmanageable and out of control” (Trapani, 2018), it is very important to question even the most educated and highly regarded masters of the medical business. In glancing the headlines, such as attorney arrests for guns and selling drugs (WYNT, 2018), my attention was drawn to the front page recent headline with the subject of Purdue Pharma being sued (Times Union, 2018). This is important to keep education about the addictive brain as a topic of forward-thinking solutions.

As I have a history of education in Psychology and am an entrepreneur of films that exposes this raw topic, I immediately released my comments on a phone voicemail message and questioned the organization of how they possibly can promote drugs that lead to overdoses. One would think some sort of response would be readily available. As my message was verbal and follow up in emails to plead for justification, results quickly became an ignoring game. Justification could only be reasonable to give Dr. Landau an opportunity to comment. I still remain speculating and can only imagine the defense tactics of any rational thought of a drug company that prescribes to a population that does cause addiction. As some would know addiction leads to overdoses and ultimately deaths.

One could ask me about why I would care as a non-addict about drugs that lead to death. However, my story is a journey of communicating addicts to pursue an entirely different path away from overdoses. In all fairness, I could speculate that Dr. Landau would not want to see the overdose death from Pharma prescriptions but the facts are they are being sued for boosting sales. I can tell you, there are still doctors prescribing pain pills without communicating the addictive effects.

I have given many opportunities to Landau and others like them to explain themselves. We understand prescriptions have markups and doctors are also in business for profits. In my candid opinion, doctors should make profits for healing people. Overdoses are unacceptable from street thugs so, therefore, we should be holding pharmacies and doctors accountable. For those of you that do not know my film addresses this content quite bluntly. As I have told the government and the media, we need to start promoting life, not death. If you can handle this topic then comment after you have seen my film.

It is my hope that pill mills are shut down and bankrupted out of business. Further, my hope is that everyone that directly is connected to promoting addiction is held accountable. The accountability factor is a loaded topic and is in much need of viable solutions. The justice system needs a wake-up call in the effective solution direction. I can give you a dissertation on my thoughts in a separate article or you can just see the research facts on screen in my film. Best wishes for life to humanity and fix your broken systems. Thank you for your attention. We do hope you remain healthy and happy.


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