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A letter of the Office of the President

I started yet another ambitious out of the box goal with the admiration of making films and writing my thoughts to impact change in a positive way. My dreams of enrolling in a film school and putting my thoughts to paper became a bittersweet harder reality of a high opportunity cost film. When one sets out to work in the most challenging industry in history, a soul can become hardened and even thicker skinned when reality cuts every attempt at success to encourage failure and demeaned momentum. We live in a world today where others love to criticize

.This is version four but I was not really going for proper grammar to reach you with my points. When one tells me that I should not encounter a challenge, it is engrained in me to persist all the way through the end of the almost unrealistic conclusion. I can tell you how I received a letter from our President of the United States, the President of my University, the President of another college regarding my professionalism. However, it is more important to elaborate on what experiences have driven my achievements.

I have worked very hard with challenging the system to drive changes. This is not a control issue but necessary to positively impact another way of actions. I took a step back from a very amazing career to obtain a degree. My business startup was driven by the motivation to complete a caused-based film which led to a film on screen and a lobby for change momentum. In my graduate-level program, my world turned from excitement of success to losing someone very close to me. My world came to a screeching halt with the unexpected and unwanted loss of my sibling.

I found myself wondering how any such reality could be coped with. I could have given up as people berated me regarding my psychological state and questioned how I could not act normal at my sister's funeral. Further, accusations of monetary gain from my baby sisters death is cruel and hurtful. It was hard to process how people could say cruel things to me including such threats as to turn me into a district attorney and try to have me confined to false arrest while I had to process my sibling's death. I never once succumbed to the numerous attempts to get me to have a happy pill to take that edge off.

As Americans in my own country wanted to hurt me with their brutal attacks it was unmatched to the harsh reality that I lived and breathed. A survival technique kicked in. This event was and is the most traumatic reality of my life. The reality of having to work for my graduate level degree, my film project, and to speak quite bluntly to people in power in order to set the tone for any positive change. This very story motivated our country leaders to keep going on the encouragement of recovery and life efforts. They have heard my brutal realities of direct and indirect insults and unmanageable situations.

My vision of a film to motivate others resulted in adverse verbal, psychological, manipulative tactics. The tactics that I still see, hear, and encounter is almost daily. The many examples of why I need to motivate, communicate, and discuss the injustices of policies and procedures does start with the intention to motivate change. The laundry list of retaliation of my efforts has not been directly ignored by the people in power. They have taken action to assist that positive behaviors and consequences are implemented.

How I received a letter from our President starts with my passion for change. The people in power do have the same visions that I do. I have worked to see a vision come true. I have worked on behalf of human rights and have been brutally attacked by doing so. Some of the people in my own hometown have directly and indirectly have had lack of empathy for my efforts. I can tell you this: outside of education, most people in my community loved to see my efforts of encouragement of life.

My success comes from our national government to support my efforts. My success comes from my business team partners, Chuck, Tom, Frank, Brian, and Jess and my advisors and sponsors. Rosalyn, Phoenix, Wendy, and my other female friends have been valuable in the process. My success comes from my education at the State University of New York and Full Sail. I could have given up during my sister's funeral as I was obtaining my business degree in a fast past environment. I chose to work through this and received pretty good grades and an advanced entertainment law course award. My success comes from my filmmaking. My success comes from my films, paintings, scripts, and physical exercise and award achievements. If I encourage one person to seek recovery and if I teach another person a valuable lesson, then I have obtained success.

I can tell you with confidence that President Trump does want to see everyone in America drug-free. I can tell you that grief and loss is painful. I can tell you that some people are more eager to damage my soul then be compassionate. I am still working very hard to encourage others to be kind and lead a happy respectful life not death. It is my hope that you can be kind, compassionate, and have empathy. The office of the President has shown my family compassion. It is my hope that we can start knowing and be mindful of others before we react to our own perceptions about others. I continue to go on regardless of harsh comments. I have shown this country the solutions for change. Best wishes. Happy Holidays. Stay Safe. Life is a challenge. I keep working through every time I feel like giving up. Maybe someone can be inspired by this article and be touched to act in kindness.

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