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When Are We Going to Ditch these Masks?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

In writing a blog after a year’s time (I have been working on projects) during the Pandemic, I did this old fashion way of authorship with a pencil and eraser. I think in this time of a new America it is important to express compassion, and kindness, and pay it forward to people as people have been to me.

I use to tell the kids I taught there is an eraser on every pencil so keep trying. The kids used to call me Miss Tampon. I adored them and hope I taught them something. I tried to give so much of my energy to their core initiatives and encouraged them to learn while I was there. They told me so much about how to be a leader in business. They were bright and had their own personalities. I hope they keep living their dreams so they can be successful in everything they do.

For the past five years on my own time, I started a company. I have worked in the movie Heroin which led the way to a nonprofit legislative project “Confronting the Overdose Crisis in New York State”, and Adults against Abuse and Violence which led the way to the movie “No Excuses”, a full-length movie called Trumpoline which is a comedy about middle age relationships in the time of fear. We had so much fun with President Trump toilet paper and the Trump wine.

I graduated from Full Sail University where I received an entertainment law award for my understanding of intellectual property. A laundry list of people have helped me along the way and have been kind to me Gil, John, Omar, Monica, Alwazz, Luca, Full Sail University, Bryan, Sandra my life coach, John Longo my body sculpture, Chuck, Brian C. just to name a few. I also have my own Captain America his name is Dan Morley.

In the past year, we all have gone through some kind of stress in our lives. I encourage all of us including my “Good Health Hunting” friends (I loved introducing it to an audience), to stop and pause before we speak and react. I usually count backward and say two or three words to a person that is bullying and unproductive. I personally know people that have had traumatic experiences and have lost loved ones.

My advice is to be kind! Be Pay it forward! Say Something Positive to a Bully! I am praying for America in this new abnormal and for this generation zero!

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