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All Consuming Films Gives Hope on Screen

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

New York – All Consuming Films, a limited liability company headquartered in Florida, has been invited to screen on film at the Humanitarian film festival. "I don't promote drugs anywhere. I will never support chemical use." (Trapani, 2018)

The screenings will be on September 15, 2018, and will be held at the humanitarian centers along North Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater Florida. We never submitted we were highly recommended to screen which is an honor that rarely happens in our business. This is why we thanked Tom Cruise and still appreciate our partnerships in this industry. We are always happy to encourage a life without chemical dependency.

We welcome you to be encouraged by our works. We won't tell you the ending but we are asking the government to work on this issue. The response has been so amazing thus far. We have exposed the problem and asked them (the government up to the White House) to promote the solution. We also appreciate Friends of Recovery which is the giveback organization of the owner's choice. Hope for wellness.

The owners of All Consuming Films have a combined 40-year experience on stage and behind the scenes with graduate-level knowledge of this business. We want to see rapid rates of recovery. Addiction is now considered a disease and Trapani holds a Psychology undergraduate degree which was a specified focus on helping the population. Pop the popcorn and we hope you can only walk away from this film feeling inspired to live.

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