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Confronting the Overdose Crisis in New York State coming to Cohoes, New York

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in 2017 (CDC, 2019). More than half of this death rate was contributed by a lethal poison called Opioids. What is arguably more startling, is that this termination to life consequence goes unreported to the Department of Health for reasons including fear, guilt, and lack of resources. This is a rapid growth statistic that needs education and more effective viable solutions to provide a tangible more forward effective solution in the future. We will be discussing the problem and different perspectives regarding life solutions in upstate, New York to promote life in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The event, a Marie Copeland creation, Confronting the Overdose Crisis in New York State, has included a film that opened in ST. Petersburg’s Florida in 2016 after the director’s sister's death in 2016. The film “Heroin” was back to back to the actor Dylan McDermott at the Sunscreen Film Festival. To date, the film has shown many times and in conjunction with governmental agencies and not for profit organizations, Kimberly Trapani has spread the word as a director, producer, actress, author, a survivor of loss, and business entrepreneur. The new film which is now redone and tailored to upstate, NY will show to screen with Brian Connors produced “King Baby” and will introduce a very blunt discussion regarding the drug epidemic. The panelists includes Honorable John McDonald, Captain Daniel Morley, Actor and Recovered Eric Yetto, Cohoes Resident Peter Dudar (recovering), Executive Director Kellie Roe (Second Chances), and Executive Producer/Director Kimberly Trapani (All-Consuming Filming).

Eric and Jessica featured in "Heroin"

Confronting the Overdose Crisis in New York State is “helping people together” in the first state in America and under teamwork from the Government to educate the public. Further, the event is intended to support viable solutions for American civilians to seek a life away from a lethal dose laced with poisons.

If you would like to sponsor such an event you may contact Kimberly Trapani by calling (323) 380-4378. If you would like to donate monetary support or your time, please email an inquiry to If you would like to attend the event at the Cohoes Music Hall on December 3, 2019, to see this live event at 6:30 pm, (reception before), please go to where tickets will be online soon. Confronting the Overdose Crisis in New York State and this is a charity event in which monetary proceeds will go to an organization in the capital district that promotes recovery of addiction from drugs and alcohol include Second Chance Opportunities. Our Sponsors include Cohoes Music Hall, All Consuming Filming (Trapani & Ardezzone) and Brian Connors, screenwriter and producer of “King Baby”. This event is intended to be positive and promote life for addicts and support their families. Kimberly wants to thank Governor Cuomo for the teamwork, the Senators, the panel, Full Sail University, her family and friends, and President Trump for writing two letters in response that he is "praying and listening".


All Consuming Filming

"We do Hope"

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